Above All Beauty Photography

                                                   ASK ABOUT SPECIALS

Portrait Package Prices Start at $300

Package 1-- $300.00... This package includes a one hour session and no clothing changes.  You will receive an on-line proofing gallery with approximately 15 proofs.  From these proofs you will choose your 5 favorite poses.  Then you will receive a 5x7 professional lab print of you top 5 picks and a high resolution image on CD, suitable for printing at a lab.

Package 2--$450.00...  This package includes a session lasting about 1-1 1/2 hours and 2 clothing changes.  There will be approximately 30 proofs to view in your online gallery.  You will choose you favorite 10 images and you will receive those images in a 5x7 print and on CD.

Package 3--$650.00...  Shooting time up to 3 hours and allows up to 3 clothing changes.  You will receive approximately 50 proofs from which you may choose 20 to receive in both 5x7 and CD.

All portrait prices are for INDOOR and OUTDOOR shoots (within 20 miles of zip 30909)




$500 wedding fee due on day of wedding, which includes

rehearsal, wedding, and the reception.  No time limit.

     You may also choose one of the following packages:      

         Package A-$125.00                  Package B-$175.00

               1-11x14                                1-11x14

               3-8x10                                  4-8x10

               4-5x7                                    6-5x7

               8-wallets                                12-wallets


        Package C-$250.00                  Package D-$350.00

            2-11x14                              3-11x14

            5-8x10                                7-8x10

            8-5x7                                 10-5x7

            20-wallets                           24-wallets


Individual Prices with purchase of a Package:

        4-wallets=$5.00        4x6=$4.00        5x7=$6.00

            8x10=$10.00        11x14=$30.00      16x20=$50.00

20x30=$60.00        8x10 Wedding Collage=$20.00

Larger portraits and canvas's are also available

                                       ***SPECIAL OFFER***
                                       All wedding & reception pictures
                               on a DVD.  You keep & print what you want.


Wedding fee is due the night of the rehearsal.  No time limit, I stay until you leave. 

View proofs and order what YOU want.

There's a $50 charge for proofs, due the day you pick them up. 

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of your pictures.




There is a $45.00 Sitting Fee-Due on Portrait Day

The Following Packages are Available:

        Package A-$30.00                     Package B-$35.00

               2-5x7                                   1-8x10

               8-wallets                               2-5x7



        Package C-$45.00                    Package D-$60.00

              2-8x10                                    1-11x14

              4-5x7                                      2-8x10

              12-wallets                                4-5x7



 Package E-$85.00






Extra Individual Prices

  4-wallets=$5.00    4x6=$4.00    5x7=$6.00    8x10=$10.00

        11x14=$30.00    16x20=$50.00    20x30=$60.00   

    First set of proofs is $20, due the day you pick them up.

    1 set of extra proofs is $30.00 with any package order


Pictures must be ordered within 2 weeks of viewing proofs.

Sitting Fee must be paid the day of photo shoot.

Proofs & Finished Portraits will be available 1-2 weeks from order date.

Half the payment is due when portraits are ordered.



There is a $50.00 fee for the travel to the event, and below are the package prices.

Package A-$30.00                                    Package B-$35.00


        1-5x7                                         1-5x7 team or individual

        8-wallets                                             1-5x7 individual



        Package C-$40.00                                     Package D-$45.00

   1-8x10 team or individual                          1-8x10 team or individual

    1-5x7 team or individual                             2-5x7 team or individual     

             8-wallets                                                 12-wallets  


You May Order any of the Following Extras with any Package Order:



4 wallets = $5.00







Senior Portrait Price List


  • Sitting Fee $50.00

  • $25.00 for 20-24 proofs-due on the day you pick up the proofs

  • Creative poses & beautiful outdoor scenery

  • Unlimited change of clothing

  • Minimal touch-ups on face are FREE

  • Ask about my more "Glamorous" touch-ups

  • Black and white portraits available

  • Proofs within 2-3 weeks

  • Name and year on photo (optional)

  • Evening & weekend scheduling

  • No time limit during your session

  • **Special Offer***

  • -If you order $300 or more you will receive a free CD of your proofs!


Make your own Senior package!

      $10.00    8 x 10

        $6.00      5 x 7

        $5.00      4 wallets

        $30.00    11 x 14                                   

        $35.00    12 x 18

        $50.00    16 x 20






My goal is to make your photo shoot fun, exciting, and memorable with no time limit & no other Seniors booked on the same day as you!  Personal items/vehicles are encouraged! 

**Printer Friendly Senior Pricelist**


   will come to you within 100 miles of Comfort, WV if 5 families make reservations on the same day, in the same area. 

Please Note:  There will be a fee of $25.00 on any returned checks.  I will allow you to post date your check 2 weeks ahead.  Thank You!